Suzie Price - Australia's Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer Suzie’s reputation has grown by word of mouth as an incredibly accurate psychic medium. She has people world-wide contacting her to experience her readings. Suzie has been doing personal readings for over 15 years and is booked out for appointments up to a year in advance. Suzie has travelled extensively in Australia and overseas to the UK and New Zealand doing mediumship demonstrations and shows over the past 6 years. She has also been running psychic development courses over the last 5 years. Suzie has been interviewed on numerous radio programs and has also had articles written about her in Australia’s top magazines. Suzie has appeared on Australia’s Psychic TV many times and is currently working with Haunted Australia as their main medium filming a new series for television. Suzie has also just finished writing her first book; “Heaven on Earth”. Suzie’s book takes you on a journey through her life to share her experiences, her thoughts and her beliefs. She gives us an in-depth look into psychic development and many spiritual topics so that we can better understand our own path in life. 
Suzie has had her abilities from a very young age after having a near death experience at the age of 7. She has a strong connection to spirit and astounds people with the accurate messages and information she passes on during her readings.

Suzie has just released her first book for sale. "Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Heaven on Earth"
It is available in soft cover paperback or as an e-book and is available for purchase from most online book stores or you can follow the link below:-

Suzie is also the main medium used by Haunted Australia for their ghostly investigations. Find out more on their web site or follow them on face book.

Suzie is simply one of the Best Psychic Mediums in Australia.and she is of the most kindest and gentlest people you will ever meet.

Suzie is available for
Personal Readings, Phone Readings,
Psychic Shows, Psychic Parties & Corporate Functions.

Please note there is a wait of over 12 months to book a reading with Suzie

To book a reading with Suzie click on contact or just follow the link below and leave a message on face book.
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Up-Coming Psychic Shows:

Lithgow Workies Club - Friday 23rd May 2014

Sacred Elements Healing Centre - Cessnock - Friday 20th June 2014

Tumit Bowling Club - Thursday 26th June 2014

Melbourne - venue TBA - Friday 19th September 2014

Suzie is planning some more shows for the near future and will upload information on where and when very soon.

Suzie's Psychic Development Course

Sacred Elements Healing Centre - Sunday 22nd June 2014


Watch Suzie on You Tube

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Suzie, Australia's Ghost Whisperer